Frances Mahan

3077 B Clairemont Dr. No. 148

San Digo, CA. 92117

​Phone: 1-619-301-3292

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ABOUT Frances

My name is Frances Mahan, I am a strategic Intervention coach, author, screen writer and Shakespearean enthusiast.  My extensive travel experiences allow me to understand a diversity of people with whom I can relate well. My spiritual journey through India, Nepal, Africa, Israel, and the Middle East, and Europe had thought me how to listen and learn from a diversity of people, not only in America but throughout the world. I enjoy meeting people, learning about diversity and their culture, as well as learning new languages. I have studied the course of miracles, Access consciousness, paralegal, as well as screen writing at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I am the author of the book: a journey Into the Mind, as well as the screen-play, Dark Energy. My desires to improve my knowledge have taken me into writing a new book about artificial Intelligence.  Presently, I am continuing my studies as a coach with Tony Robbins Core 100. It is my pleasure to serve you. As you wish!

As a strategic intervention Coach, my intentions are to effectively assists my clients to take action, communicate, create their goal and purpose as they work with me.

My desire is to coach my clients into rediscovering their extraordinary skills and bring them into fruition as they take action. It is my belief that we all possess an innate ability to express our deepest needs with a positive outlook in life and the help of a coach.

Our basic human need is to be understood, to be love, to be accepted, to grow, to be of significance to ourselves and others, and to have certainty about what we need or are in life. We also possess a need to want to help others with our contribution. If any of these needs are not met, our divine nature is affected by it. It is here where our need to seek for guidance arises, and a coach can be the best solution.

With my assistance as a coach, I intent to take my client into a path with ease and understanding of his or her desires to navigate through a better life. It will be my pleasure to guide you into a life with better purpose, and ultimate success.  My hope is that by working with me, and with a clear intention, you can master the art of living a life with passion, with love and happiness.   


How I Can Help You



November 19, 2016

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a journey into the mind

With this book, I want to share with you how the power of your mind can lead you to discover a prosperous and healthier life. How your thoughts can help you connect to your Divine power and ease the constant flow of negative thinking, so you can live a healthier life. You can have more peace, more transformation with a healthier conscious mind without sabotaging your ideas or creation. There is so much we do not know about the power of our mind. It is surprising that we don't use all of our brain capacity, if we did, the results will be astonishing! Life can be more enjoyable if we control our old subconscious mind and think with a clear conscious mind. If we did, we will control our thoughts, our fears, experiences and emotions. You can stop the madness going on in your mind, and guide it to help you go on a path of developing a stronger willpower in you. The results will be amaze and surprisingly incredible! It will be like magic! You will feel a sense of relieve, self control and a self- confidence. Allow your mind to empower your thoughts, and watch the magic flow. From a journey into the mind why do we think the way we do.

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